A sample of some of the items I make and sell online, as well as in various galleries, shops, and events like the DIY Street Fair, DIYpsi, Handmade Toledo, etc.

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Classic Craft Crate: co-designed with partner Vasile Vincent. See more at

Craft Crate coaster co-designed with Vasile Vincent. Image editing and branding by Heather Hansma. See more at

Handpainted hops magnets made for

"Mr. Mortimer," the mascot, sticker design

Pop Art Beer Hop sticker design

Pop Art Beer Hop pinback button design for

Pinback Buttons

Pirate Bunny laser cut wood earrings

Pirate Bunny earrings – Plastic Design

Pirate Bunny Vinyl Sticker

Vinyl sticker design

Coloring Book

Coloring Book (inside)

Greeting Card


Pirate Bunny custom skateboard. Collab project between 323East and TGM Skateboards.